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101 Wild West Rodeo





The 58th Annual 101 Wild West Rodeo

June 8 - 10, 2017

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Work Sessions

Work will continue through this year and next on improvements to the 101 Wild West Rodeo Arena, watch here for upcoming dates. Volunteers are always welcome.









101 Wild West Rodeo Queen 2017 Contestant Schedule


Below is the schedule that this years 101 Wild West Rodeo Queen Contestants will be following:

4:00 pm Check-In at Comfort Inn - 3101 N. 14th 580-765-2322
Stall your horse with Barry Fagg located 3/4 miles west of Waverly on Industrial on the North side. Driveway past the house (2nd. Driveway)
$30 Charge (You are responsible to bring your own shaving and to clean your stall prior to leaving)
Contact: Barry (580) 761-0530.
5:00 pm Orientation Meeting at Comfort Inn - 3101 N. 14th 580-765-2322
  Introductions (Suggested Clothing-Casual Western Wear)
  We will discuss rules and go over the schedule
  We will draw for contestant order
  We answer any questions you might have!
  Sign Thank You notes for sponsors
  Please turn in cue card  for your outfit that you will be modeling for the luncheon.
7:15 pm Meet at Rodeo Grounds; Ash and Prospect.
7:45 pm Be on your horse and ready to go at contestant gate! You may need to carry a flag. Please have a flag-boot, just in case you are asked!
8:00 pm Grand Entry
  You will be introduced after the first event so stay on your horse!
  You will be signing autographs in the queen's box.
You are expected to be there during the rodeo.
8:00 am Horsemanship at the at Rodeo Grounds – Corner of Ash and Prospect
  You will ride the pattern listed in your application packet.
  If you want to warm up your horse, be there earlier than that because the actual competition will start at 8 am.
  You will do a set pattern, dismount, the judges will ask you questions, and then you will do a queen and flag run.
8:00 am Radio Station Interviews - KPNC (for state queens & MRA only)
8:30 am Radio Station Interviews - KIXR (for state queens & MRA only)
10:45 am Leave hotel for Luncheon at the Osage Casino, located at 64464 State Highway 60 - Corner of Highway 60 and City View
11:30 am Luncheon
12:15 pm Model your outfit, SMILE, take a deep breath then give your speech! Just do your best, that's all that's expected of you!
  You will each answer an impromptu question.
1:15 pm Interview in Private Room at the Osage Casino
** This is a combination of personality and Rodeo knowledge and current events so make yourself shine!
7:15 pm RODEO TIME! Be on your horse and ready to go!
  Please turn in your ticket money after your introduction run.
8:00 pm Grand Entry
  You will be introduced after the first event so stay on your horse!
  Return to Queen's box to sign autograph's during the rodeo.
9:15 am For staging of Parade be on your horse so we can get organized. You may be asked to carry a flag!
10:00 am Parade! - Staging is on West Grand Ave
** After the Parade we will attend the Kids Rodeo and help out at some of the booths. The kids rodeo is at the Ponca City Library, 515 E. Grand. This is a great time to relax and have fun with the kids.
12:30 pm Lunch: Together at Danny's BBQ Head Quarters Restaurant - 1217 E. Prospect. We will vote for Miss Congeniality!
Then we will split up and go to major sponsors to sign autographs!

The afternoon if any time left is yours to do as you please. Swim, sleep, shop, etc.

7:15 pm Be on your horse and ready to go!
8:00 pm Grand Entry
  CORONATION!! This will take place after the second event so stay on your horse! You will be introduced, so make your queen's run; line up in the center of the arena towards the chutes. Come forward when awarded a prize.
  Introduction of the 2016 Miss 101 Wild West Rodeo!!
  Return to the queen's box to sign autographs. We will be having visiting queen's from the area as well.

Any Questions - Call Dr. Tim or Echo Blanton at 580-765-2482

Any Changes to Schedule Will be Announced at Orientation

Last revised date: February 4, 2017



The 101 Wild West Rodeo Foundation expresses a sincere "thanks" to the individuals, firms, and organizations
who have contributed to the success of the Queen's contest.


A Copy Of The Rules Can Be Found Here


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